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May 2024, Milling two X-Large Maple logs

We are milling two extra large maple logs. The diameters are 4 to 5 ft. One of the logs is being sliced into rounds, and the other into long slabs. The colors and the grain are amazing. We should have them ready to go sometime this fall.

May 2024, Additional Shelving Units

We added more shelving units to our new warehouse. This will facilitate browsing and accessing our large inventory and find the right piece for our clients at a record time.

May 2024, New Product Line: Cookie-Cross Boards

This is one of our ideas as a combination of rounds (cookies) and laminated pieces. They can be used as cutting-boards, or for serving food. Beautiful pieces, great as unique gifts.

April 2024, Lucas mill back in action

After a long pause due to the construction of our warehouse, we brought back our Lucas mill into action. Yesterday we milled some beautiful spalted maple rounds with it. A few very interesting projects are lined up which we will announce as they get milled. The rounds milled yesterday should be ready for market after drying and finishing which requires a few months.

April 2024, Improvements in our new warehouse

We enhanced the entrance of our warehouse with a TV for slide shows of our products and services. It will also serve to display the options and examples to our clients.

April 2024, A couple of our own projects

We finished two live-edge slabs that we were working on lately. Both are book matched pieces. One is in black walnut, and the other in white ash. We find them both quite special. The current plan for the walnut piece is to make it into a wall clock for our new warehouse. The white ash piece is currently for sale.

April 2024, Custom Dining Table

A very special project for us got just finished and was placed in its new home. A large dining table in spalted maple, with an epoxy river added to the middle of it. We can't be happier with the result, and so is our client. Thanks to Joe from Rough Around The Edges for helping us with the epoxy part.

March 2024, Surface Sanding Service

We are glad to announce that as part of our woodshop services, we have sanding service for even larger areas available. This service will compliment our flattening/surfacing service and will provide smooth surfaces on your work pieces.

March 2024, Reception Desk & Payment System in our new Warehouse

We have added a second payment system located in our new warehouse. This will provide a faster and more convenient shopping experience for our customers.

March 2024, Offcuts and Byproducts

We have our offcuts organized for those who need short pieces for small projects. There are also hardwood kindling bags, and pieces of cherry wood for flavoring meat. For gardening, we offer bags of sawdust and ash.

March 2024, New Hours of Operation

Starting March 21, 2024 the opening hours of our business will be Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  

Although it's not required, but it would be helpful if you let us know of your visit ahead of time by phone or email. 

Please note that Mondays our business remains closed. 

If you need to visit us outside of the business hours, let us know. We might be able to accommodate. 

March 2024, New Reception Desk

A live-edge walnut slab is being prepared to be our reception desk at our new warehouse. This is an elbow-shaped piece that would work well for its purpose. We love the grain and color of it. If you are interested, we have still one more piece like this in stock.

March 2024, Our brand

Here's a sample of our logo, laser-engraved on wood. We will apply it on the products of our woodshop. Special thanks goes to our client Dan, for recommending the equipment, and helping with the graphics! 

December 2023, Live-edge Book match Dining tables in Black Walnut

As the last custom order of the year we finished a large dining table in black walnut. The slabs for this project had been milled and dried here a couple of years ago. With a book match arrangement, this dining table has 10 feet length, close to 4 feet width, and 2 inches thickness. 

November 2023, Kiln schedule OK-23-11 Launched

One of our kilns loaded and launched with 1" hardwood this month. This will be probably the last schedules for this year. 

It's expected to finish early December.

November 2023, Dining tables in Maple, Ash, and White Oak

Many of our clients are preparing for the Christmas holidays with a new dining table. We have been busy fabricating several table-tops lately in Hard Maple, White Ash, and White Oak. 

November 2023, Kiln schedule BK-23-11 Launched

One of our kilns loaded and launched with 2"-3" hardwood this month. This will be one of the last schedules for this year. 

It will be done around the end of November.

October 2023, Countertops in roasted poplar

We just finished making a few countertops and a large island top using 2" thick roasted poplar. We love the warm colors and the beautiful grain of the wood. Roasted (or torrified) poplar looks very similar to black walnut and is a more economical alternative.

September 2023, Marquetry Workshop

We are happy to announce that we have started offering woodworking courses and seminars. As the first course, we have organized a workshop on Marquetry. For more information, including the schedule please visit the webpage for this workshop.

September 2023, Our new Warehouse

We are glad to announce that the building of our new warehouse (AKA Castle Wood Select) is complete. We are currently stocking it with all our inventory and giving it the last touches. Please stay tuned for our grand opening in a couple of weeks. 

August 2023, Sawmill

Our sawmill operation is on. We milled a few beautiful Honey Locust lumber for a client. The boards will be kiln-dried in a couple of months, and turned into some table-tops, countertops, and shelving for our client.

July 2023, Kiln Launched

We launched our kiln schedule OK-23-07 this month with a load of 1" hardwood. It seems that it will be done by the month's end. 

July 2023, Kiln Launched

Kiln schedule BK-23-07 launched this month with a load of 2" and 3" hardwood. The kiln had a delay due to some maintenance work, but we expect it to be done within a month.

June 2023, Kiln Launched

We launched our kiln schedule BK-23-06 this week with a load of 1" pine boards. Our next kiln schedule is planned for about 2-3 weeks for 2"-3" hardwood. 

June 2023, New Warehouse Construction

The construction of our new warehouse has begun and is going well. We expect to have it ready for use this summer.  We're very excited about all the changes and improvements this expansion will bring to our business. 

May 2023, Live-edge Walnut Table

The large live-edge walnut table we fabricated last month has been finished by Dough, our client and is now in its home.

May 2023, Beer mugs from exotic wood

Two beer mugs made by one of our clients. The one on the right is made from roasted ash, with a handle from maple. On the left, is made from Padauk wood with a handle in walnut. 

April 2023, Ying-Yang Table-top

Another of our Ying-Yang table-tops found a new home. The epoxy work and finishing for this top has been done by our client Profex. We have a few pairs of these pieces available.

April 2023, Island-top in spalted beech

This custom order was an island-top in spalted beech. It was made a bit over 8' long, about 43" wide, and 1-1/2" thick.

April 2023, Large Live-edge Black Walnut Table-top

We just finished building this beautiful large live-edge table-top from black walnut. It's 10' long, almost 5' wide, and about 2-1/4" thick. We carry a large inventory of live-edge slabs for table-tops, countertops, shelves, and more.

March  2023, Mantelpieces

We fabricate mantelpieces as hollow boxes or from full beams from a wide variety of wood types. Check out the webpage on this line of our specialty products.

February 2023, Live-edge Dining table and Bench

We just finished building a live-edge dining table and bench. The table-top is made from white ash (sides), and sugar maple (center) with two strips of purpleheart. The bench-top is from white ash with a strip of purpleheart.

February 2023, Box-Beams

We have added box-beams as one of our specialty products. Using our molding machine, and with special new knives, we  mill boards so that they fit easily together to form a beam. The beams made this way can be used to make or cover posts and beams. They can also be used as decorative beams, mantel-tops, or legs.

January 2023, Red Oak Beams

We just finished manufacturing a sizable amount of red oak beams for a client. For precision and quality, we had the last step done with our molding machine. 

January 2023, Live-edge Olive wood in stock

We have new stock of live-edge olive wood slabs. The grain looks amazing. The slabs are skip-dressed and a touch over 1" thick.

New Hours of Operation in 2023

Starting January 2023 the opening hours of our business will be Tuesday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  We hope the extended hours on Saturday help those clients who prefer to shop during the weekend. Please note that Mondays our business remains closed.


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