We fabricate mantelpieces in a few styles:

This mantelpiece is made in style of a hollow box out of roasted poplar. It is quite light in weight, and has a very similar color and grain to black walnut. It has already been varnished with Livos oil. Dimensions are 5" thick, 7" deep, and 61" long (wide).

A mantelpiece made as a hollow-box from yellow birch. Yellow birch, beside having nice color and grain, provides best results when you stain it. This piece is fabricated without any varnish, and is ready to take the stain of your choice. Dimensions of this mantelpiece are over 5" thick, 7" deep, and 69" long (wide).

A beam of white ash that can be used as a mantelpiece. This beam is about 4" thick, 6" deep, and over 8' long