African Mahogany (Khaya)

Comes from the Africa.  Very hard and heavy with glorious deep reddish brown color. 


Comes from Eastern U.S. and Canada. Light cream to light brown. Medium density, pale pink, open pored grainy wood that serves as a great cabinet quality wood.


Sapwood is creamy yellow or pale white in yellow birch; heartwood is light reddish brown tinged with red. Medium figuring, straight, closed grain, even textured. Occasional curly grain or wavy figure in some boards.

Birdseye maple

Black Walnut

Common throughout the eastern and southern U.S. Deep dark chocolate brown with some black grain patterns. Durable strong with a grain wavier near the roots and straighter at the trunk.


Comes from South America. Rich, strawberry red, sometimes with golden yellow stripes. Hard and very dense, tight fine grain, very deep red colour. Retains its colour well, comes to a beautiful sheen, but because of its hardness, must work down the paper grit sizes to sand to perfection.... well worth the work.


Cedar contains natural oils that give off an aromatic spicy scent that act as preservatives to help the wood resist insect attack and decay.  Colours range from light amber to deep honey brown.


Comes from Eastern U.S. and Canada. Reddish brown with a golden luster that darkens with age. A favorite of furniture makers but now quite costly. Known for its fine, tight grain patterns.  Soft/medium density, closed pored, tight grain like maple, beautiful pink/reddy brown colours that darken with age.


Comes from Mexico and Central America. Dark red, rose to yellow-brown, with some purple or black. Very hard and tough on tools. 


Found in Central and South America, this wood is very hard and strong. Over 125% harder that red oak, Jatoba has shock resistant qualities similar to ash and hickory. Because of its hardness, Jatoba can be used for many things including furniture, tool handles and flooring. The bark of the tree is similar to paper birch and is great in canoe making.


This exotic comes from Australia. Light pink to light reddish brown, speckled figure with dark flecks.  Soft/medium density, medium to light brown, mostly know for it's fasinating appearance. When cut correctly each piece shows many cross sections of cells, some 1/4" in diameter and some as large as 3/4" distributed evenly across the wood. Usually it has a straight grain and is course textured, with a light reddish-brown color.


Comes from the U.S. and Canada. Very hard, heavy, and light colored.  Curly, striped and irridescent grain patterns.  Maple is a strong and durable hardwood and tends to be evenly and closely grained.


Purple Heart

It's purple! Comes from Mexico, Central, and South America. Very hard and heavy density. A consistent dark purple, straight grained wood.  This wood has exceptional bending strength (far stronger than Maple, Oak, or Teak) with a high tolerance to shock loading. It is highly desired by hobbyists and craftsmen who use this hard heavy wood in small projects.

Red Oak

Common throughout the eastern and southern U.S. and favorite of Arts & Crafts movement, especially quartersawn, showing rays and fleks. Strong, open grain, soft browns and pinks to near-white colours.

White Pine

Heartwood varies from light yellow/orange to reddish brown or yellowish brown; sapwood is light tan to yellowish white.