December 2022, Live-edge White Ash Table-top

This beautiful live-edge table-top from white ash just left for its new home. The curly grain in it was quite captivating. We carry a large inventory of live-edge slabs for table-tops, countertops, shelves, and more.

December 2022, Butternut Rounds (cookies)

Butternut rounds with 14"-16" diameter, available in 1-1/2" and 2-1/2" thicknesses. These come finished with Livos oil, ready to be used as charcuterie boards, end-grain cutting boards, small end-tables, and more.

November 2022, White Ash Flooring Boards

One more order has been completed today using our molding machine. This one is tongue and groove flooring boards in White Ash. Nearly 1000 board feet of white ash boards have been kiln-dried here, and then turned into 7/8" thick flooring boards. Most of the boards in this order have been kept at their full 8' lengths. We offer manufacturing a wide variety of moldings, and can even match your custom designs if needed.

November 2022, Kiln unloaded and reloaded with 1-1/2" hardwood

We unloaded and reloaded our last kiln of this year (OK-22-11). This load is mainly 1-1/2" hardwood. We expect this run to be complete in 3 weeks time. Our next kiln schedule will be in the spring of 2023.

November 2022, Kiln unloaded and reloaded with 1" softwood

We just unloaded a kiln (BK-22-09) with live-edge slabs of maple and walnut. We then loaded and launched another kiln (BK-22-11) with 1" softwood. This schedule is one before the last for this year. We expect this run to be complete in 2-3 weeks time. As part of this schedule we are drying some barnboards for our stock. 

November 2022, Concrete Slab for Castle Wood Select

The concrete slab for the new building is now ready. With an area of about 3000 square feet, standing 30" off the ground, well insulated with Styrofoam, and built-in radiant heating, this slab is the main part of our new warehouse and store. We are looking forward to complete the project at the earliest opportunity and be able to serve our clients better.  

November 2022, Cherry Flooring Boards

We just completed another order with our molding machine. This one is tongue and groove flooring boards in black cherry. An order for flooring boards in white ash is next in line. Our molding machine can manufacture all types of custom moldings and is able to match existing designs.

November 2022, Wide live-edge walnut table-top  

One of our wide walnut slabs has been made to a dinning table and is about to go to its new home.

Many thanks to B&S Live edge Wood Products for taking care of the epoxy, finishing, and the legs.

October 2022, Construction in our yard is moving forward

The construction of the new building in our yard has started. During the month of October we started preparations for the new building by demolishing another old structure in the yard, and excavating the site.  Although the construction slowed down our kiln and woodshop operations a bit, we are confident that this improvement will be appreciated by all of our clients. 

September 2022, B-Kiln unloaded and reloaded

Another of our kilns (BK-22-08) completed and the next schedule (BK-22-09) has been launched. From the finished kiln came out among others, another batch of extra wide (~40") walnut slabs, 2-1/2" thick and 9' long. The slabs are nice and each can be a table-top by itself. The new kiln has been loaded with the last batch of the walnut slabs for this year, and also live-edge maple slabs 1-1/2" and 2" thick. 

September 2022, Silver Maple Rounds, Ready to go

A batch of silver maple rounds that we milled early summer are now kiln-dried and ready to go. The one in the picture has been flattened, sanded, and finished with Livos oil. Furthermore we have removed the large check it developed during the drying phase. The rounds are 24" to 28" in diameter and 3" thick. Two pieces have already been sold.

September 2022, Large black walnut slabs out of the Kiln 

We just unloaded a batch of wide black walnut live-edge slabs from the kiln. They are 36 to 42 inches wide, 9 feet long and 2-1/2 inches thick. They make great dinning table-tops. Two slabs have already been sold from this batch. 

August 2022, B-Kiln 22-08 Launched 

We loaded and launched our B-Kiln with a load of 2"- 3" thick hardwood boards, live-edge slabs, and rounds. This kiln is expected to finish around mid September. There are a few more of our 40"+ walnut live-edge slabs in this load.

August 2022, O-Kiln 22-08 Launched 

A load of 2" to 5" thick hardwood boards, live-edge slabs, and rounds has started to dry in our O-Kiln, schedule 22-08. We expect this kiln to be done before the month's end. As part of our own stock we have the eye-catching silver maple rounds, and a few 40"+ walnut live-edge slabs that we milled in June (pictures below). We are very excited about these and looking forward to flatten them once they've been kiln-dried.

July 2022, Red and White Oak Live-edge slabs fresh out of the kiln 

A load of 2-1/4" thick red and white oak slabs have just come out of the kiln. They are mostly 7 and 8 feet long. Widths are between 15" to over 40".

July 2022, Making Tongue & Groove boards 

Our molding machine is making tongue & groove boards these days. We have lined up a few projects with pine, cherry, and ash boards. We can make high quality tongue & groove boards in different styles, thicknesses, and widths in your choice of wood. If you need any t&g boards, now is a great time to place your order.

July 2022, Construction of our new Store and Warehouse

During the past years we have improved different aspects of our business. This year we are undertaking a major improvement by adding a new building that will be our new store and warehouse. It is dubbed with project name: Castle Wood Select. We look forward to serve our clients better and provide them a more pleasant experience in visiting our new store. We will keep you informed on the progress.

July 2022, Launched another kiln, Code BK-22-07

Another kiln has been loaded and launched, 1" - 1-1/4" hardwood. About half of the load is live-edge maple slabs that are aimed for charcuterie boards. This load should be done by the end of the month.

June 2022, Online Kiln Schedules

You can now check out the schedules of our running and upcoming kiln-drying operations here.

June 2022, Launched another kiln, Code OK-22-07

Another kiln has been loaded and launched, mainly with live-edge oak slabs, both red and white oak. Some of the slabs are over 4' wide. Lengths are 7' and 8'. The slabs should be ready around mid July.

June 2022, Maple & Ash Live-edge Slabs fresh out of the kiln

These live-edge slabs have just came out of the kiln. A bit over 8' long, 15 to 20" wide, and 2-1/2" thick. As part of our current special we offer 20% discount on all our live-edge slabs. 

June 2022, Large Black Walnut Live-edge Slabs

We just milled two large black walnut logs into live-edge slabs. Slabs are 2-1/2" thick and some are over 40" wide. These slabs should be kiln-dried and ready late summer to early fall this year.

June 2022, Silver Maple Rounds

A fresh batch of Silver Maple rounds we just milled. The star-shape heartwood is really eye-catching. These rounds are 28" in diameter and 3" thick. They should be kiln-dried and ready early fall.