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You can now check out the schedules of our running and upcoming kiln-drying operations here.

June 2022, Launched another kiln

Another kiln has been loaded and launched, mainly with live-edge oak slabs, both red and white oak. Some of the slabs are over 4' wide. Lengths are 7' and 8'. The slabs should be ready around mid July.

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June 2022, Maple & Ash Live-edge Slabs fresh out of the kiln

These live-edge slabs have just came out of the kiln. A bit over 8' long, 15 to 20" wide, and 2-1/2" thick. As part of our current special we offer 20% discount on all our live-edge slabs.

June 2022, Large Black Walnut Live-edge Slabs

We just milled two large black walnut logs into live-edge slabs. Slabs are 2-1/2" thick and some are over 40" wide. These slabs should be kiln-dried and ready late summer to early fall this year.

June 2022, Silver Maple Rounds

A fresh batch of Silver Maple rounds we just milled. The star-shape heartwood is really eye-catching. These rounds are 28" in diameter and 3" thick. They should be kiln-dried and ready early fall.

Current Specials

  • All our live-edge slabs are on special right now with 20% discount

  • Ambrosia Maple boards 4/4", 4'-6', $5/bf


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