Clarence Creek Wood Select has been operating for over two decades offering a selection of lumber and a variety of milling and kiln-drying services to its customers in the Ottawa area and beyond. It was founded by Mr. Pierre Ethier whom many of you have come to know and done business with over the years. Upon Mr. Ethier's retirement, I (Emil), and my wife Shirin took over the business.

My wife and I have been craft enthusiasts for many years and I have enjoyed working with wood as an artisan for more than 10 years. My adventure with woodworking started with pyrography (woodburning), continued with woodturning and led to the art of intarsia which became a true passion of mine. It has made me appreciate the variety in the wood species and the beauty of their natural color and grain more than ever. Coming from the background in hi-tech industry, I decided recently to bridge the two worlds of woodworking and computers. So I have setup a CNC-woodcarving machine as the latest addition to my workshop which is a great tool for precision woodcarving and automation in tasks such as sign-making, wood-inlays, and making templates. You can see a few of my projects in our photo gallery.      

I myself have been a customer of Clarence Creek Wood Select for many years and enjoyed the great service that Mr. Ethier provided. Our plan is to continue to provide the same quality of service to our customers, and to offer new services in the future. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Ethier's guidance and support in this endeavor.

1571 Bouvier Road
Clarence Creek, ON
K0A 1N0

Tel: 613-488-3111